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Window Treatments

Oh, window treatments.  You’re so lovely yet so expensive.  Why are you so expensive?!  The age old question.

The first thing I tell clients who want to change out window treatments or add them to a room is, they’re PRICEY.  Like, really, really pricey.  And, why?  Because fabric costs quite a bit of money and the labor to make said curtains, when done properly, is a very, very detailed and time consuming job.  Add those two pieces together and there you go.

Think about the details that go into it:

What kind of fabric is being used?  Pattern or solid?  Is there a top treatment?  Is the window treatment functional or stationary?  How much fullness is needed?  Lining?  What kind?  Can the pleats be machine tacked or will they need to be done by hand? What kind of hem?  What kind of top pleating?  Rings?  Hand finishing the ends?  Trim added?  How much?

I mean it goes on and on and if your eyes are rolling into the back of your head I don’t blame you.  But, hey – this is why it’s so costly.  And, why when done properly really finish a room and make it sing.