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Room of the Day

A dear friend of mine, who also happened to be very far into her pregnancy at the time, asked for help styling her bookshelves.  So, off we went to one of my favorite stores for accessories, Home Goods.  For her- sensory overload.  For me- kid in a candy shop.  After a near hyperventilation and panic attack, she left so I could attack – aka. shop.

Off I went and 1 hour later, a shopping cart filled with goodies I returned to her home and laid it all out on her dining room table.  After another hour or so, voila!  Filled bookshelves.

So, what is my advice for filling those empty shelves?  Books, books and more books!  Oh and some objects to scatter in between.  Think layers, height and diversity.  Don’t put every family photo you own on one shelf.  Scatter them.  Add ordinary boxes, vases, greenery and scatter them.  Think in 3’s.  And, when in doubt study what others have done and mimic.

Have a great day!