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Design Ideas – One Room At A Time

When my husband and I moved into our first house I was overwhelmed.  We knew it had the bones to become a home we would love, but the reality of the situation hit me that first night we were eating pizza off of moving boxes.  I was overwhelmed.  Did I already state that?  Well, it was bad.  And, scary.  How do you attack an entire house that needs work?  One room at a time.

We started with the rooms that needed the most help and went from there.  Thoughtfully and carefully (most of the time).  My advice to clients in this similar situation is to SLOW DOOOOWN.  Everyone wants to fix things RIGHT NOW!  But, that’s when mistakes happen.

So, my advice?  Live in your space.  Take it slowly and start designing over a period of time.  That, and hire a decorator. 😉